“There are three kinds of people in the world: those who make things happen … those who watch things happen … and those who wonder what happened.” -Jim Lovell, commander, Apollo 13-

Our Projects and Experience:

IHC Mining BV   Currently running

Business development IHC-MMP operations South Africa.
Providing focus on current and new markets for South Africa and Southern continent
Securing new assignments within mining and offshore industry.

Diving Company (disclosed)   Start Up

Marketing research new offshore diving and construction vessel

Seaport Den Helder   Currently running

Sales management for national and international partners.
Business development.
Operational and tactical consultancy.

Brandmarion   Currently running

Research assignment in to critical flange connections.
Setting up research scope.
Conducting interviews with leading industries.
Analyzing results and reporting.

Crane Inspection Services BV   Closed out

Setting up a Rope Access division
Writing procedures and training personnel.
Guidance through IRATA audit.
Business development.

Opening ceremony of C2 in 2009

Arriving at the office

Hertel Industries   Closed out

Headhunting RA manager for Rope Access division.

Municipality of Den Helder   Currently running

Economical research oil & gas and offshore wind energy port

Phase one: Interviewing companies for short-term evaluation and construction of 2 quay sides.

Phase two:  Marketing research for mid- and long-term port reconstruction.

Phase three: advisor of area development team.

The Bluestream Group BV   Closed out

Management of Operational Division:
Office staff 104 and 180 staff offshore.
Diving Services:  Air, TUP diving, Mix gas, Saturation.
ROV Services: Observation, Light Workclass, Workclass.
Rope Access Services: Inspection, Repair and Maintenance.
Engineering: Design, Fabrication and Installation.
Vessel Operations: Short & Long term charter capability.
Commissioning and start up of New build DSV.
International expansion of operational theatre.
Reorganization of company.
Dutch market leader in Rope Access, doubled turnover within first year.
Negotiated alliances with scaffolding industries, increasing onshore volume with 12 %
Initiated IRATA as standard practice within NOGEPA and IRATA RAC for Benelux.

Photo of 1e SAT team Paladin. Caption: After securing the SAT notation for the Dive Support Vessel Paladin, before flying home a small celebration takes place on the Heli deck of the vessel with the first full team to emerge from saturation. From left to right: COO Nick Waterdrinker, SAT diver Dave Millsom, SAT diver Jakob Zimmerman. SAT diver Hessel Terpstra is taking this picture.

Last departure from DSV Toisa Paladin

Seaport Den Helder   Closed out

Management of projects and Port Facility Security Officer: 
Managed a team of 10 staff operations, developing, marketing and infrastructural solutions for our clients.
Team reconstruction and development.
Liaised with the provincial and national government on public funding for projects of regional maritime importance.
Implementing International Ship and Port facility Security code.
Leading position in national offshore logistics.
Increased overall volume by 102% and cash flow with 163%.
Responsible for implementing policies and strategy securing economic growth and

  leading marketing position.
Project management of € 35 million in maritime infrastructure.

Provincial goverment of North-Holland   Closed out

Project management Hemmeland:
Managed a team of 8 staff  Rangers and Harbormasters.
Team reconstruction and development.
Innovating operation practices, marketing strategies, products and services.
Followed up with client Post Sales to ensure satisfaction and on-going business and serving customers at a higher level.
Successful transition from public to private domain.
Increase of overall Customer appreciation by 43%.
Introduced new products that increased earnings by 21%.
Discontinuing public funding through increased earnings marina.