Other business

Den Helder een belangrijke havenstad    

De haven, het kopstuk van Den Helder. Zie het artiekel hier

Offshore Wind    

Point b BV initiated a dedicated operations and maintenance platform under the working title “Wind Energy Group”. This initiative aims on developing an overall O&M concept from training to access. We advice our clients on the ongoing development of this exiting new industry.

Rope Acces    

Point b BV was involved starting up the Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) for the BENELUX countries, advising the International Rope Access Trade Association in London. The aim is to create more awareness and acceptance for a safer method for working on height.

It’s our ambition to ban these unsafe practises, still commonplace worldwide.

Fair Transport    

From our maritime background, we are also passionately involved with Fairtransport B.V. a shipping company focused on offering transportation by hybrid motor sailing vessels. The current fleet of sailing cargo vessels, available for charter, exists of ketch, schooners and a brigantine.
Coming soon, are bigger modern hybrid sailing vessels, especially suited for competing with regular coastal, bulk and liner shipping.